How to Boost Immune System With Homeopathy Medicine
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How To Boost Immunity Using Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was introduced more than two centuries ago as a healthcare system that included medicines prepared from natural elements like minerals, vegetables, and animal substances. The system was developed during the early 1900s by Samuel Hahnemann who was a German physician. However, its origin lies somewhere around 400 BC, as per the experts. 

Hahnemann was not happy with then popular treatment practices that included inhuman procedures like bloodletting and skin burning for treating diseases, and using toxic elements such as mercury, arsenic and more. This dissatisfaction led him to look for alternative options and develop a treatment system that was a game changer. Hahnemann found out that homeopathic medicines can effectively boost immunity and help maintain physical as well as mental wellness with the help of a stimulated defense system. Let’s see how it can help boost immunity and cure diseases.

How Can Homeopathy Help?

Hahnemann was well educated for that time and had studied well about human body behaviour and reaction to different substances and diseases. His homeopathy was based on three main principles that were:

1) The Law of Similars

2) The Law of Provings

3) The Law of Potentization

As per the law of Similars, it is possible to cure symptoms using a substance and make another healthy person ill with the same symptoms using the same substance. For instance, the plant Belladonna can be consumed to treat symptoms like dry fever, restlessness, headache, thirstlessness, intolerance for bright lights and noise. And, it can develop all the above mentioned symptoms if a healthy person consumes the same plant. In short, it is all about developing and weakening immunity of two different individuals using the same substance. 

Coming to the second principle that is the law of Provings, it was based on over 600 tests done by Samuel Hahnemann using different substances. He tested these elements on healthy people to figure out the symptoms provoked in their bodies and conclude what diseases these substances can be used to cure, using the first principle that states that the same substance that provokes symptoms can treat people suffering with a disease that shows similar symptoms.

These Provings were compiled in a book and was made available for doctors so that they can refer to the book, match the symptoms and treat people using the natural substances. Again, the theory was based on building immunity for some specified symptoms and treating diseases.

However, Hahnemann was aware of the fact that many substances from the list of tested substances were dangerous. And hence, the law of Polarization was introduced. This law was focused on pharmaceutical preparation of these homeopathic remedies. Doing so, Hahnemann made it possible to treat severe diseases using harmful plant substances without experiencing any side-effects. 

Ideal Options?

There are no such homeopathic medicines that are supposed to be more effective in boosting a person’s immune system. All homeopathic medicines are supposed to be effective if properly prescribed. The trick is to take the correct homeopathic medicine according to the unique symptoms.

For instance, buy Arsenicum album that is also known as White Arsenic is a commonly used homeopathic medicine. It can effectively treat problems like food poisoning, insomnia digestive disorders, fatigue, asthma and various anxiety states. It is not because of its antibiotic properties but because of the basic principle of homeopathy that suggests treatment according to symptoms.

Another example is Anas Barb 200C. In case of symptoms like cold or flu, homeopathic doctors recommend 3-4 doses of the medicine Anas Barb 200C to be taken every 15 minutes. Anas Barb 200C or Oscillococcinum is a remedy that has been used since long to strengthen the immune system and treat early cold or flu symptoms. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of different theories about how homeopathy actually works in the body. And, all reach a common conclusion that is building defense and improving immunity to fight diseases and heal the body according to the specific symptoms. Keeping the same in mind, homeopathic medicines can be used according to the Covid-19 symptoms in people to prevent the disease and improve their healing power.