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Privacy Policy

It is important to read all these terms as they explain how we collect and use the private or personal information you share with us. This site (collectively, “we” or “us”) respects your privacy. Therefore, we have implemented this policy (“Privacy Policy”) keeping data security, transparency, and customer choice in mind. This privacy policy explains how we may collect, share or use your personal information through our site, related third party websites, or any sub-domains (collectively, the “Site”), as well as any plug-ins that we may exchange your information with (i.e “Applications”). Collectively, all of these (“Site” and ” Applications”) are referred to as “Online Services”.

This Privacy Policy controls how you use our Online Services, including how you visit or browse our Site and any activities are done using our Online Services that may include purchasing any of the products and services offered by us. Therefore, by continuing with our Online Services, you agree to all the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Purpose of this Privacy Policy

We hold the right to condition how you use our Online Services on our platform with properly disclosed terms. We may collect, use or share your information, including the personal information you share with us in order to use our services. This Privacy Policy explains our data collection, how we use it and dissemination practices of our site, its parent or subsidiaries as they are related to our Online Services.

This Privacy Policy governs our right to collect, store, use or disclose all the information shared by you on: (a) this site, (b) our affiliates, (c) other third parties. Please be informed that this Privacy Policy also controls our other data collection and distribution practices that include the acquisition of users’ data for commercial use. As mentioned forth below, we are not responsible for the data collection or privacy practices of the other third parties, their sites, or applications in any way.

Our Information Collection Practices

Visitor Data: The site automatically tracks some information when you visit this site and the activities you do during the session. If you use this site or the Online Services offered by us, we may collect and store certain data from you that includes your IP address, URL, your browser settings, screen resolutions, plugins, cookie settings, keywords searched, ISP information, JavaScript enablement, computer profile and OS, exit pages, clickstream data, and all the other visitor data (collectively, the “Visitor Data”). This data may also include the URL you came from (whether you’re still on the site or not), and the URL you visit next (whether you’re still on the site or not).

Please be informed that your IP address doesn’t identify you by your name but it may, with the consent and support of your internet service provider, be used for locating and identifying you using the web. However, your IP address can help reveal your geographical area and the ISP you are using.

Visitor Data may include some other anonymous information that helps us understand your internet experience and how you use our site better. For example, we may collect the information related to referring domain names.

We use servers and programs that allow our site to automatically recognise a visitor and collect Visitor Data. We may use this information for many reasons that include the collection of traffic data about the visitors who visit our site at regular intervals (collectively, “Traffic Data”), using this traffic data to estimate the traffic on this site, administration and optimization of our Online Services, display content according to the users’ preferences, and more. When you share your personal information with us, we may use this visitor data for identification.

Please note that we may use this data by selling it or sharing it to advertisers, affiliates, or business partners, or on an anonymous basis.

Cookies: We use cookies to associate your internet-based information with your information stored in our database. We may use the cookie features of the leading browser applications and other third parties such as Google Analytics that includes Google display network impression reporting, remarketing, Google Analytics demographics and interest reporting, and the DoubleClick campaign manager and integration. We may make use of internally developed tracking codes and cookies that allow us to store some data on your computer (or any other device used by you for visiting our site) related to your visit and use of the Applications. Further, we may use any other new technology or sources of data in the future. We use cookies for keeping a track of your total number of visits on our site; collect and report analyzed, statistical data about your usage; deliver personalized content depending on your preferences and past history, and saving your password to ensure an easier access every time you visit our site. You may disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings at any time but you must keep in mind that doing so, you may not be able to use all the features of our site and online services. You will be able to use the site but with limited functionality.

Web Beacons: We use web beacons or clear gifs that is a software technology to show images on the site. Web beacons are programming codes that are used for displaying images. We can also use web beacons for transferring your unique user identification to our database and associating it with the previously collected data (which may include your personal information) stored in the database. We may use this data to track the sites visited by you, your behaviour and internet experience for marketing and advertising purposes, and referel from our affiliates and partners.

Third-Party Tracking: This privacy policy does not cover the use of tracking technologies by our technology partners, service providers, or other third parties (e.g social media links). These third parties may use web beacons, cookies, scripts and images to help them improve their website and the material they post. We have no access or control over the technologies used by them.

No Information From Children: We do not collect information from children or target them for marketing. We will never knowingly collect the personal information from or about the users below the age of 13. If we get to know that we have collected any personal information from someone bow the age 13, we will immediately delete the information from our database. We employ all the measures to make sure that market our products only to the consumers who are of legal age as per the laws of jurisdictions in which they reside. We will never knowingly collect the personal information from or about the consumers below the legal age.

Use of Information

We may use the information collected from you for a number of reasons. For instance, we may use this data to process your orders, communicate with you, facilitate transactions, send updated to you about the available offers and discounts, etc. We may also share or monetize your information, or use it for analysis and optimization of our marketing practices. This section explains how we use or have a right to use the data collected from you.

Visitor Demographics & Targeted Advertising: Traffic Data and Contact Data may be used to collect statistics about visitors and customers. We may use the information collected from our users that also includes the Demographic Data for generating collective data about the users or for identifying our users specifically. We may use this data to show targeted advertisements to an individual based on their personal information shared with us for showing ads they may have shown their interest in surveys or indicated the same in any way, based on the technological data.

Use of technological data and storage of personal data: We may use the technology data: (1) to match an individual’s information with the information provided by the third parties in order to improve user profiles in our database, (2) to track a user’s online browsing habits, (3) to figure out the most used/visited areas of our website. This data helps us to understand our users better and target promotions and advertisements.

We may use your personal information to create a profile. A profile can be created with the help of the survey information, the information obtained from the third parties, and the information collected from other sources such as public databases.

We store this information in our secure databases and make use of protective measures like firewall and password protection in order to protect your data against misuse, alteration or loss under our control. However, we don’t guarantee that our security measures will protect this data from illegal access, theft or other such criminal activities.

Required by law: We may disclose the personal information of our users if required by law that may include a response to any subpoena or other legal processes, because of our belief in good faith if doing so is required in order to protect our rights, for your safety or rights of other users, for preventing any fraudulent activities or violation of our terms of use, or for responding to a legal request.

Aggregate statistics: We may disclose aggregate statistics that may include user behaviour, their interests and preferences on our website, or with the third parties as aggregate data including demographic data or overall patterns that cannot be used to identify or describe an individual.

Data summary: We may transfer or monetize the non individual information such as aggregated data or summary about all users or sub-groups of users.

Links: Some pages may contain hyperlinks that redirect to other third party websites. We are not responsible for the data collection or privacy practices of these sites. These links are provided keeping your convenience in mind and must be acknowledged as a reference only. We do not control or operate any information, products or services on these sites. Providing links doesn’t imply any kind of endorsement of the content, or the services of these websites.

Advertiser cookies and web beacons: Advertising firms, agencies or networks who run advertisements over the websites usually use cookies and web beacons or other such technologies of their own to collect data from the users. We do not control these technologies and take no responsibility for the information collected by the advertisers.

Third Party Offers: We may share your personal information with our partners whom we work with or the other third parties for the purpose of sharing relevant information related to products you have requested for or may be interested in. We may also disclose your personal information with the companies not affiliated with us if they offer products or services that may be of your interest.

Affiliations/Sale/Merger: We own the rights to disclose, sell, or transfer your personal data to our affiliates and partners. If we change ownership through merger or sale, we have the right to transfer your personal information or allow access to the other entity.

Data Security

Our commitment to data security: We strive to ensure that our servers are secured with proper encryption measures and security devices. We use firewalls and password protection to ensure data security. Moreover, we have implemented electronic, physical, and managerial preventive procedures to ensure the same. All the information related to cards and payments is transmitted using secure servers (SSL).

However, we cannot guarantee 100% security of any data shared or transmitted by you through our site or the Online Services offered by the site. You, therefore, share your personal data at your risk and we do not take any responsibility in the above-mentioned cases.