What You Need to Know Boost Immunity With Ayurveda?

How To Boost Immunity With Ayurveda?

Covid-19 is getting only worse with time. There are several factors that can make a difference with immunity being among the major ones. If you look at data, you will find that it’s immunity that has played a significant role so far. Older people with weaker immune systems were more affected by the virus as compared to the younger generation.

So, improving immunity to an extent that we don’t get easily affected can be the next big step towards bringing the Nobel Coronavirus on its knees. It is indeed a hard nut to crack but losing hope won’t work in any way. So, let’s see what options we have and what best we can do to stop this pandemic.

In between all this, the importance of Ayurveda cannot be ignored. And, it won’t be shocking if Ayurveda in combination with allopathy comes up as the next big development in the process. So, let’s see how it can help.

How Can Ayurveda Help?

Ayurveda is a treatment method based on using natural substances for curing diseases and improving immunity. Some basic routine tips that have been a part of many established cultures include sipping boiled tulsi water, having fresh food, sleeping on time, practicing pranayama and yoga, consuming turmeric, adding honey and ginger to black tea, and more. The practice also includes avoiding heavy and processed foods, using pepper powder for treating cold and sore throat, etc.

There are a number of popular ayurvedic supplements that are known to strengthen the defense system. 

One such formulation is Chyawanprash. It is an age-old recipe that contains amla as its main ingredients along with many other essential herbs and nutrients. Amla is a good source of antioxidants that supports the body in fighting infections. It is important to be aware of the quantity to be consumed as it can make a big difference. Ideally, an adult should consume 1 tablespoon Chyawanprash in the morning. It acts as an antioxidant that protects your cells against the harmful free radicals. 

Another option is Kadha which is a popular ayurvedic drink known for building immunity. Add cardamom, cinnamon, dried ginger, black pepper (1 tbsp each) in 3 cups of water and boil until it remains 1 cup. You can add honey for taste if you wish. There are many other herbs you can consume such as:

  • Tulsi
  • Pippali
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Black pepper
  • Amla juice

If we talk about the benefits, there are a lot. Herbs help maintain immunity and treat inflammation. You get to naturally strengthen your defense system and avoid health risks. While using an ayurvedic remedy, you just remember that it is not going to make miracles overnight. However, people dealing with certain health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure need to be extra careful. It is recommended to consult a physician before starting with any of these products.

The Bottom Line

The best thing to do is keeping an eye on what you eat at the same time. Unhealthy eating habits may act as a resistance between you and your immune system. Therefore, eating right is important. You should eat a balanced diet that consists of green vegetables, fresh fruits and salad. There are many foods and herbs that are known to build immunity. You should avoid too spicy or too oily food as they weaken the immune system. Adding turmeric to milk will also help you achieve results. You can also try consuming cinnamon and fennel flower powder as they are known to improve immunity.