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How To Boost Immunity Using Allopathy?

With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing daily, all the countries all over the world have been taking all the necessary measures to prevent the disease and treat the existing cases. Though no solid cure or vaccine has been developed yet, there are many countries that have been doing great in terms of treating more people, reducing death rates, and flattening the curve. 

Taking this legacy ahead, New Zealand has become the first ever country that is completely free of Covid-19. The only way to resist this disease and ensure rapid recovery is building immunity. One’s immune system must be strong enough to defeat the virus and establish itself as the survivor. Doing so may not be easy but not impossible as well.

Different parts of the globe have been practicing different methods for treating diseases since ages. We can definitely take notes from them and follow whatever best can be done in this case. One such popular method of treatment is allopathy. Allopathic medicines are known to cure diseases. Let’s see whether they can help boost immunity too.

How Can Allopathy Help?

Allopathy is a popular treatment used to treat diseases. Though the treatment is basically focused on symptoms, there are supplements that can help build immunity too. It can be a good thing if we look at it that way. A simple formula can be prevention in the form of social distancing and sanitization. And if one gets the virus, treatment should be offered according to symptoms of that person.

Allopathy finds many of its practices borrowed from homeopathy and may not be enough alone for building immunity for deadly viruses like corona. A combination of allopathy and ayurveda may be an effective option. 

There are certain vitamins and essential minerals that are known to build immunity and are available in the market in the form of tablets and syrups. So, allopathy can also be considered as an alternative to build defense. However, one should not completely rely on it.

Considering the fact that there is no effective treatment of Covid-19 available yet, we can rely on allopathic medicines and consume supplements for improving immunity. Furthermore, we can spread positivity and have faith in the treatment we choose to follow. Many Covid-19 patients are being treated according to their symptoms and recovering from the disease.

Final Word

In addition to washing and sanitizing hands and surfaces all the time and wearing masks, one more thing that we can do is building immunity and knocking the virus out of our nation. It might sound like an imaginary concept but we should take notes from New Zealand. The PM did not lose hope like the other leading countries and made it the country’s reality.

Today, New Zealand doesn’t have a single active case and is getting appreciation from all the nooks and corners of the world. It wouldn’t have been possible without proper strategies. However, any country can be the next in the list if all the citizens take it as their own responsibility and start working on it. 

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