Covid-19, The New Normal: What's Different & How To Live With It?

Covid-19, The New Normal: What’s Different & How To Live With It?

Adjustments have never been an easy or pleasant affair for anyone. You have to go through a lot of physical as well as mental changes to adjust to a new situation. In a time of pandemic, when we know that this is our new reality, it is important too.

Corona has taken the world by storm. Everything is at pause or has considerably slowed down. The same world that was known for its speed, is now known for its silence. You can literally see it everywhere, from workplaces to streets and shopping malls. Everything seems to be so quiet and spacious and it’s a great sign. The overall effect can be observed in our nature which is healing itself like never before.

However, the situation may not be the same in case of humans. We are used to a hectic routine and somehow depend on it for living. It is something we have been following since birth, and putting a stop all of a sudden may not be an easy thing to deal with. There may be few mentally aware souls that will easily make a switch but we cannot say the same about most people. 

Therefore, it becomes important to find new ways of survival. We have got one life and should live it at its fullest. So, let’s see how we can make the most out of it in this time of pandemic.

What’s Different?

The phase has almost been a horrible one. Everything was put under a state of lockdown all of a sudden. However, things are slowly changing with life getting back to the new normal. And, it is almost like a restart. So, what’s different?

The Way You Live

Do you remember that old world when you could walk freely wherever you want with no restrictions? That seems to be something from the past now. These days, you get to see masks and gloves everywhere. All the leading brands have even started designing masks for all occasions including the wedding special masks and office-wear masks, to name a few.

Queuing has become the norm wherever you go. Public transports have started looking different with proper social distancing and frequent sanitization. We are more careful towards our health as well as others. One sneeze or cough is enough to catch eyes and maintain distancing. 

The Way You Socialize

The meaning of socializing has completely changed. We prefer video calls over meeting our loved ones. We don’t plan trips together anymore.

We have started enjoying our own things instead of going out for a vacation. All this is actually good for us but we are not used to it. That’s the reason it feels weird to deal with a schedule like this.

The Way You Study Or Work

The classrooms and offices are also no more the same. Online classes have become the new normal, and working from home is just cool.

Your teachers are not going to force you to come to school or college anymore, and your boss is just okay if you choose to continue working from home. Even if you start going to college or work, you have to follow social distancing and everything is going to look and feel very different.

How To Deal With It?

The answer lies in the above discussion itself. Get used to the new normal, that’s it. You can try following the below:

  • Get over the old lifestyle. That’s not your normal anymore.
  • Create a new routine and start enjoying it.
  • Note down your experience, and accept whatever you are going through.
  • Stay connected to your people and discuss your new routine with them.
  • Stay informed and take all the precautions.

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