5 Powerful Hollywood Women Who Got Awesome Results from Keto Diet
Keto Diet

5 Famous Hollywood Actresses Who Used Keto Diet to Get Fit

There is no doubt that the Keto diet is the new fitness mantra which is adopted by the people around the world. So much so that even the most famous film-making industry of the world, the Hollywood, is also fast embracing it. In an industry where being fit and looking young are highest considerations, Keto diet is making a fast headway. Some of the Hollywood celebrities have already taken to it and have benefited from it. We bring you the list of 5 famous actresses who have benefited immensely from this diet regimen.

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry is about 51 years of age and she is Type 1 Diabetic as well. Despite this age and the illness, she is still defies her age and look as young as agile as a teenager. She attributes its reason to the Keto diet on which she has been for many years. She was following the diet rather unknowingly for some months when her trainer spotted her to be taking this diet. The diet is low in carb and there is no added sugar in it. This makes it ideal for diabetic people and even works to burn fat and reduce the weight.

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Kourtney Kadarshian

She had taken to keto diet following discovery of high mercury levels in her blood. The switchover to diet was no easy as she suffered headaches and low energy for a few weeks before getting accustomed to it. Her benefiting from this diet has also inspired her sister, Kim, to take to this diet of late. She now terms it as a “really positive experience”.

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Kim Kadarshian

Kim has also been benefitted from low-carb, no-added-sugar diet especially after her pregnancy when she was overweight by as much as 60 pounds. After giving birth to her son, Saint, she lost this excess weight, thanks entirely to a variant of the Keto Diet- Atkins 40, which has been around since the 1970s. This helped her reduce the weight by burning excess weight.

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Adriana Lima

After experiencing the benefits of Keto diet on your body and mind, you would love to stick to it only for all time to come. This is precisely what happened in case of Adriana Lima. Though she began Keto diet with the aim to get fit and shapely so as to be selected for the Victoria’s Secret show as an angel, the diet was there to remain for the sheer goodness which it brought to her. Even now her diet is made of green veggies, protein, and protein shakes or cereal bars as snacks.

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Vanessa Hudgens

As a person who does not care about counting the calories, managing the diet to such a perfection that she remain healthy and fit with a shapely figure is no mean achievement. She advises people to take diet as a fuel meant for the body. So, the food which will keep you energetic for the longest period of time is the best choice. She has been a long-time proponent of low carb, high fat diet with blue berries, acai berries, banana and coconut oil.

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