Update on O's Weight Loss Adventure by Oprah Winfrey [100% Reality]
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Oprah’s Weight Loss Update and Three Women’s Weight Loss After One Year

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Shaniqua Garvin – Then: 226 lbs. – Now: 176 lbs.

Shaniqua Garvin weight loss tips

I joined Oprah Winfrey Weight loss Program. My thoughts were solely on mourning my husband’s passing a year ago. O’s challenge got my attention and allowed me to concentrate. My health has dramatically improved since last year: I no longer have prediabetes, my BMI is nearly normal (obese when I started), and my cholesterol levels are within normal range. My doctor told me to keep doing whatever I was doing.

My 7-year-old kid is also overjoyed. Wow, Mom, your stomach has changed so much! He has served as my little supporter. Even better, he is conscious of how what he does affects his health. He understands my justification if I say no to his doughnut request.

Recently, I’ve started acting in ways that I never would have imagined. The other day at a party, I took a little taste of the cake before saying, “Okay, where are the vegetables?”

There have been other awakenings as well: I used to think that I couldn’t fit on a New York City train seat because of the size of my hips and butt. But my friends convinced me that after I lost weight, which I did, I could sit. While shopping one day, I also learned that I can now fit into a size small.

Although I never imagined I would enjoy working out, I plan to continue doing it for the rest of my life. The gym has become into a space where I can let off steam and process my feelings. Even my trainers advised me to journal and think about my total welfare in addition to my physical health. I had to figure out how to let it out. I immediately discovered that I was more successful in my career, personal life, and with my body. Simply put, everything came together.


Get strong and fit
My life has altered as a result of working out at David Barton’s TMPL Gym in New York City. A customised diet and exercise programme is designed for you using the information from your metabolic activity profile. I did a lot of weight training and a little aerobics three or four times a week. My amazing trainer Rob Hrapchak functioned as both my support system and therapist at the same time.

Fear not the fat
The metabolic specialist at TMPL gave me a customised food plan, which was modified based on my physical activity and routine physical exams. I now eat more lean meat and healthy fats. Since it fills me up and curbs my appetite, I enjoy adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to my daily coffee.

Jen Pastiglione-Brody – Then: 273 lbs. – Now: 250 lbs.

Jen Pastiglione-Brody weight loss program

My physical health has significantly improved after losing so much weight. In the past, I would get anxious and rapidly tyre out. I feel less stiff and more flexible now that it’s gone.

I’ve had a really hard time dealing with my infertility, which regrettably continues. Our fourth round of in vitro fertilisation was attempted last summer. I had lost 40 pounds since beginning Weight Watchers in January 2016, and my husband and I were encouraged. When the operation didn’t work, it was terrible. The doctor had told me that he believed losing the extra weight may help, even though he admitted that “overweight people become pregnant all the time.”

Pizza is my favourite food. When I was depressed, all I wanted to do was eat more of it. In an uncertain environment, motivation is easily lost. But I’m still a Weight Watchers member and haven’t strayed from my goal. When I crave pizza, I no longer eat three slices, only one.

I’m overjoyed that I managed to keep the weight off. In the past, I would give up if I stumbled or made a bad choice. I’ve got a mission now. And I still believe that we’ll be able to conceive in the future.

Before the magazine was published, I was afraid that millions of people would be examining my physique. However, my Weight Watchers group, family, friends, and complete strangers have all given me so much support. Particularly, it seems that my infertility issues have touched a nerve. I was so afraid to be vulnerable, yet all I got in return was love.

Michelle Trotter – Then: 217 lbs. – Now: 202 lbs.

Michelle Trotter lose weight

I declared that my goal weight was 165 pounds in the April issue of the previous year. I’ve been eating better and exercising a lot, yet the scale’s needle has hardly moved. Of course, a part of me is quite unhappy that I didn’t succeed in achieving my goal. However, despite the fact that the weight loss hasn’t been as quick as I’d hoped, I still think I’ve made progress.

Since last year, Camilla Mager, the therapist we connected with through the challenge and who is helping me overcome my eating issues, has supported me in developing a much healthier outlook on life in general and my body in particular. For a very long time, I used to label certain foods as “good” or “bad” and evaluate myself accordingly. Camilla has persuaded me to refrain from thinking in that manner. Alongside her, she is assisting me in finding my voice. In my efforts to become a perfect wife and mother, I feel like I lost a little piece of myself. My two tiny children and I frequently get up in the middle of the night to take care of them, leaving me fatigued the next day. Just now, I finished nursing my youngest. However, I try to set aside an hour every day to do something for myself these days.

Over the past year, I’ve come to realise that I’m fairly harsh on myself. I’ve always believed you’d look great if you lost the weight. Even though I am aware that it is false, I have a hard time letting go. I’ve come a long way toward becoming more realistic this year. I spent many years working as a model, so I am aware of what it’s like to severely restrict your diet and exercise to lose weight. However, at the age of 45, I don’t think it’s acceptable for me to engage in vigorous or high-impact exercise. Lots of walking, yoga, stretching, and toning is what feels best. I feel strong right now. I feel glad. Real life has flaws, and losing weight has been particularly challenging. I still think of myself as a work in progress, and I still haven’t forgotten my goals.


Be flexible
I work out with Gyrotonic, which is like a combination of Pilates and weightlifting, twice a week. The key is stretching and taking good care of my body.

Continue to Pay Attention
I meditate for ten minutes every morning, usually as I tuck my kids into bed. I don’t mind if it has to be done while my son is sleeping in my arms.

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