Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review – Its Really Work for Heavy Workouts
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Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review – Ultimate Post-training Supplement for Muscle Regeneration

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a food supplement committed to specialist athletes that wish to support the procedure of post-workout regrowth of the body. As a result of a big dosage of healthy proteins, amino acids and also casein, it decreases muscle mass discomfort and accelerates the procedure of developing them. The item is very popular with specialist athletes, despite the kind of discipline they practice.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a mix of excellent quality ingredients. The item includes Optipep ® healthy protein, defined by high absorbability and also PeptoPro ® casein hydrolyzate. It aids you recover fast after the exercises and also lowers pain in your muscle mass. Due to the reality that it contains BCAA amino acids, it lowers assimilation as well!

What will you manage using Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

  • Increase in muscle mass protein generation
  • Enhanced post-workout regrowth
  • Minimized muscle discomfort after workouts
  • Quick retrieval of lost power

Why should you utilize Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

Heavy exercises leave a heavy toll on your body. You should do whatever you can to recuperate rapidly and also offer your body an opportunity to prepare yourself for the following workout as rapidly as feasible!

This food supplement does specifically that by adding energetic substances that impact the trouble directly! It helps you counter all the unfavorable impacts of the workouts, including power deficiency, pain, and muscle stress and anxiety. It is a suitable solution for both expert athletes as well as amateurs, as regrowth as well as recovery are equally important for both teams.


  • 5000 mg Opripep
  • 5000 mg PeptoPro
  • 4000 mg BCAA
  • 1000 mg Citrulline malate
  • 1000 mg AAKG 2:1


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