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Keto Diet

Keto Diet Review – Is It Good For Your Health?

If there’s something that is extremely harmful and is a result of our own deeds, it’s obesity. We keep eating fast food, sleep and wake up late, and do all what we are not supposed to do until we start seeing it in the form of a bulging belly. But you know what?

It is never too late to work on something. There are many diets and exercises that can help lose weight. Workouts are draining, we agree but not the diets. Diets are the easiest and the most efficient way to lose weight. One such diet that is trending badly is the ketogenic diet.

About Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a high-fat diet that contains fats in high amounts (75%), protein in moderate amounts (20%), and limited quantity of carbs (5%). This diet is specially designed for people struggling with weight issues. Within a few days of following this diet, your body starts entering ketosis and using fat for its energy requirements. 

What Are The Benefits?

Keto Diet has been controversy’s favourite child for more than a decade. However, there are enough scientific evidence to suggest that it has many excellent health benefits that include:

  1. They suppress your appetite because of being rich in fat and protein.
  2. Your energy levels are heightened without any long-term adverse effects on your health.
  3. Because of reduced consumption of carbs, the rate of weight loss is rapider than ever.
  4. A large part of fat reduced is actually the abdominal fat that is the reason behind several metabolic problems.
  5. The levels of triglycerides in your bloodstream are dropped which reduces the risks of several heart diseases.
  6. The levels of HDL, that is also known as Good Cholesterol, are significantly improved.
  7. Keto diet is also known to regulate your insulin and blood sugar levels.
  8. It helps improve cognitive functions and improves brain health.

Are There Any Risks?

Though one cannot ignore the health benefits as they are too impressive to be missed, there are some possible risks that everyone should know about. The very first risk is, it’s extremely difficult to stick to. It is really hard to make a switch for your regular diet as it is totally different from what we usually eat. Our regular diet contains a lot of carbs which is not the case with a ketogenic diet. It instead contains fats in large amounts and your body is not used to it. So, it may take some time and cause discomfort in the beginning.

Another risk is experiencing flu-like symptoms known as keto flu. People may experience fatigue and headache as they start with the diet. Other risks include kidney stone, dehydration, poor bone mineral density, etc.

In A Nutshell

Considering all the amazing health benefits and risks, it can be said that it is a good option if you want to lose weight at a rapider rate but you need to be extremely careful at the same time. The fact that you lose a lot of water in the beginning may cause discomfort and you must keep yourself physically and mentally prepared to deal with this. 

Though it is a popular diet that most of the celebs and public figures are using, you should be aware of the possible risks. People dealing with kidney or heart diseases, or the ones with any such medical history, and pregnant or breastfeeding ladies should avoid this diet. 

However, there are many positive sides at the same time. People following a ketogenic diet have experienced a positive impact on their energy levels. Furthermore, it makes you feel full throughout the day as it is rich in protein. So, it is up to you whether you want to follow this diet. Good luck!

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